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FAQs about Image Filter

Let´s answer the most important FAQs (Frequently asked questions) about the CSS attribute filter.

Do you have a question about the CSS filter? We might have the answer here:

TL;DR: You can use our CSS Image Filter to apply filters directly and easily. Just upload your image and try out various filters.

Let us show you how to use filter in css:

  • Single filter value - Add the CSS Property filter to your image
    img, .img {
    filter: brightness(90%);

    Instead of brightness you can also use values like
    • opacity
    • hue rotate
    • blur
    • grayscale
    • sepia
    • saturate
    • invert
    • brightness
    • contrast
  • Multiple filter values - Add multiple values to apply several filters onto your image
    img, .img {
    filter: brightness(90%) saturate (20%) blur (2px);

The filter property can be used with CSS and applies various filters which usually had to be done via photoshop or other image manipulation tools.

img, .img {
filter: brightness(90%) saturate (20%) blur (2px);

Although this property can also be used for text, the CSS filter property is usually used for images.

Try it out on our CSS Image Filter and upload your own image for filtering!

No, you can´t. The CSS filter - property can´t reverse filters which were applied to your image via photoshop or image manipulation tools.

However you can use our CSS Image Filter to find out which filters can be applied on your image and how your image looks with various filters.

Keep in mind that this never changes your original image.